Episode 13 – Heroes Rewind – Season 4 – Thanksgiving



This week, Miranda, James, Laura, and Jeff ask Hiro to send us back to November 23, 2009 so we can discuss NBC’s Heroes – Season 4, Chapter 10, Thanksgiving.

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This was Jeff’s choice for our Heroes Rewind discussion.  His reason? Laura said pick a weird one and this one certainly qualifies!  RayParkDarthMaul Plus, he loves Darth Maul!

Less than 3 minutes in and we have our first tangent…must be some kind of a record.  All the talk about pie reminded Jeff about Pushing Daisies starring Lee Pace.  LeePaceGOG

This episode had us all fairly confused. It was definitely NOT a standalone episode.

This week we dug out the actual recap segment from our Original Heroescast Podcast as recorded by Kim.

Samuel discovers his true potential in terms of his ability.  Because we don’t remember, we hypothesize that he must have sent Hiro back in time to retrieve the film, since we thought Joseph had destroyed it.  We also discuss Hiro’s naiveté being one of the things we didn’t like in the original run.  Since this isn’t a standalone episode, we really never recalled what Samuel’s plan was and, in trying to explain it, probably made it more confusing 🙂

HRG goes shopping Fonzarelli style and “accidentally” runs into Lauren.  James is very pleased since he’s a big fan of Elisabeth Rohm.

rohm rohm-kate This takes us on another quick tangent regarding Carey Mulligan (aka Sally Sparrow) from Doctor Who.  Blink_(Doctor_Who)



We continue trying to recall or speculate who and what some of the characters in this episode were; namely Gretchen and the girl that tried to kill her (Becky).  Which takes another tangent into House of Lies on Showtime, since Lydia plays Don Cheadle’s ex-wife on that show. Which takes us down the path of Jean-Ralphio.  Which ties back into the Fonz and finally ends up with Ash vs. Evil Dead. WHAT?  That’s how confused we were with this episode.

Bennet Thanksgiving DinnerOnce we get back on track, we discuss the Dysfunctional Bennett family’s dinner.Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 7.30.04 PM

And just like that, we’re off again talking about Carnivale, Prison Break, and Fremont, Ohio.

Sylar/Nathan bring some real story back to the episode which clears everything right up. (NOT)

Samuel finds a scapegoat for Joseph’s death in Edgar since Hiro won’t rat him out in order to save Charlie.

In summary: Don’t try to watch this episode on its own unless you completely remember all the bits and pieces of season 4.

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