Episode 15 – Send in the Clones



This week, Miranda, James, Laura, and Jeff discuss NBC’s Heroes Reborn – Chapter 11 – Send in the Clones

Congratulations to James and Laura for their engagement during the hiatus!  To celebrate they watched 144 hours of a YouTube D&D channel.

None of us seemed to miss Heroes during the Hiatus, but we did all enjoy this episode.  Except James was upset he lost one of his favorite characters, Harris Prime.  It was a very cool death battle scene.

Erica’s “I’m Crushing Your Head” scene didn’t play to well, which leads is off into a Kids in the Hall tangent.

Jeff continues to knit-pick things…i.e. Grunny’s over acting,GrunnyOverActing

and Zach’s shave job.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.32.59 PM normal-zachary-levi

Does Matt have a chance to redeem himself, or is he too far gone?

As pretty as Carlos was, Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.39.44 PM

he and Farrah seemed a tad awkward.  We really liked the backstory for him, but why did they wait so long to tell it?

We also think that Jose seemed to be up to something.  (Emily, too, for that matter)

Phoebe has completely gone off the rails!


But she’s definitely mastered the cool factor of her power.

The Holy Smoke goes up in smoke, but at least he died a hero’s death. And Micah makes his reappearance showing that Mohinder was not Mohinder.

The address of Isaac’s old loft is almost real. IssacsAdddress

Luke works on his redemption skills and saves the day,  but why are they bringing along the cargo?

Tommy’s comic is telling HIS story now.  We see that he’s not as stupid as we may have thought.

What’s up with “The Chair”? ChairHand

We look ahead to the next episode called “Company Woman” and give our thoughts, theories, and predictions  about it.

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Episode 8 – June 13th – Part Two



This week, Miranda, Jeff, James and special guest host Joe discuss Heroes Reborn – Episode 8 – June 13th, Part Two


Welcome Back Joe – a founding cast member! (See the awesome timeline he made for Jeff below)

HRG stepping on butterflies, or just one really big butterfly?? Shoot first, apologize (sort of) later.

Joe and James question the believabilitly of the time travel in the show…

James’ time travel movie recommendation – Looper

Notice the clock on the wall with the two HRGs!

Plot devices vs Storytelling – Wonder Twins Activate

Quentin is a bad guy now… results of the butterfly effect!

Camera focus during news conference – on the background on purpose?

Jim Carrey on In Living Color

Quentin’s motive – Does he have a chance for redemption or is he really a bad guy?

Katana Girl’s backstory is complete! Her “father” is her creator.

Who’s hotter – Kelly Lebrock as Lisa or Kiki Sukezane as Miko/Katana Girl


Time travel “rules” – which version of time travel do you buy?

That violence escalated quickly with Joanne and Luke. Mick the Ice Guy, we barely knew ya!

Message of the day: Do not go to thank strangers in a hotel room with a closed door!

Voicemail Break

Gerry – Likes the episode where the group of characters is working toward the same goal.

Craig –  MMOs necessitates the graphics be handled by a huge group of people… that’s why it can’t be perfect, so this fits in the weird cross section.

Ren’s cat mask could be a buff or be protection earned in a quest, or possibly an icon for his fans to recognize him.

Talks about the birth of Heroes Reborn as originally for streaming on Xbox and asks if perhaps that is why some fans are struggling with the plot and timing of the episode. Thinks that the backstory provides an explanation for why it would be better for binge watching vs week to week.

And… we’re back!

The evil of cliffhangers – and how it possibly changed the timing of how they wanted to progress the story – plus the combo of trying to hearken back to the original series, season 1, both together made it more difficult to watch week to week

Carlos, El Vengador’s, backstory with Farrah – planned plot device vs filler – Redemption so that he is a real hero with or without abilities

Matt Parkman is back! But he wasn’t there for long – Joe also thinks he’s using his ability all wrong. Plus, he’s now selling his ability to the highest bidder.

Slight tangent – Originally Joe thought HRG’s glasses were part of his ability

Nursing notes from Joe – Priority is patients not stupid question & if you want to go to the front of the ER line, tell them you can’t breathe!

Exactly how heavy is Casper’s suitcase full of pennies? Pennies per pound Approximately 181 per pound… how many do you think he had!

Memaw Petrelli and the wonder twins had a vision that gives us the zero hour for our major event! What information is Memaw keeping from Malina?

Jupiter Ascending bee reference – For Laura 🙂

9th Wonders comic left to Tommy/Nathan from Hiro before he goes to a Gun fight with a sword, or two swords!


Joe’s Handy Dandy (keep Jeff straight) Timeline!


  • Hiro and Angela realize that the infant Nathan/Tommy has stolen Hiro’s powers.
    • They decide to split up and raise each of Claire’s children separately.


    • At the hospital, 2015 HRG tries to kill Erica, but is stopped by 2014 HRG.
      • 2015 HRG shoots Erica in the leg, and gets back to stepping on butterflies.
        • Quentin saves her from bleeding out & she allows him to see Phoebe.
    • Harris & Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) interrogate the 2014 HRG.
      • Caspar wipes 2014 HRG’s memory before Matt can find out where Claire’s children are – or that there are two.
      • Matt has a heart and lets them escape.
      • Afterwards, HRG is back at the wreckage, and we see where he met his 2015 wife.
  • Luke & Joanne character building.
  • Backstory on Carlos & Farrah.
  • 2014 Angela tells 2015 HRG her premonitions of the 2015 H.E.L.E.
    • “Twins saving the world under a clocktower in Odessa, the clock at 11:53” (in 2015).
  • Signs: Animal migration disrupted / polls shift / Northern Lights appearing farther south
  • Caspar, 2015 HRG, and Molly formulate a plan to protect the children for one more year.
  • Nathan/Tommy teleports Molly to India, then sends HRG back to 2015.
  • Harris and his clones track down Nathan/Tommy, and he escapes with his mother and Caspar.
    • Hiro gives Nathan/Tommy his first comic book (manga) – the same comic from season 1.
    • Hiro brings a sword to a gunfight.


  • Caspar wipes Nathan/Tommy’s memory to stop him from going back for Hiro, who stays in 2014 to fight Harris.
  • HRG sees that Quentin is still alive, and he over-shares, not knowing that Quentin is now secretly working for Erica.


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