Episode 6 – Game Over



This week, Miranda, Jeff, Laura and James discuss Heroes Reborn – Episode 6 – Game Over

Luke becomes a boat owner…not a sailor…just an owner!

Another article on iO9 sent in by Rick asking if the writers are lazy. (Article has course language)

Awkward moment? Boy meets girl, boy buys candy for girl, boy attempts suicide while girl watches.

Facebook Q&A with Jo’s actress (Judi Shekoni) – Laura asks her if we get to understand more of Jo’s character progression, as to why she’s gone so far into serial killer territory?

Tommy’s just an angst-ridden teenager looking to take out his frustrations on the people of France, especially bicyclists and cops.

BREAK for Some Voicemail Feedback from Joe, Gerry, and Vanessa

The old episodes of The 9th will be soon available soon by clicking on The 9th Tab at the top of this page.  You and Hiro can transport yourself back in time, but please don’t step on any butterflies.

Katana Girl pwns Boss level in the game just like Legend of Zelda Wand of Gamelon.

Leeroy Jenkins: The original version (Coarse Language Warning)

Leeroy Jenkins reimagined into a short film:

HRG is back, and Quentin is gone!  (Sorry lil’ buddy)

Phoebe is the Dark Matter…What has Renautas done to make you so dark?

YATAA! Hiro is finally back and ready to fix the past, present, & future (and his hair)!

Is the Game Over for Katana Girl?

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Episode 2 – Brave New World/Odessa



This week’s discussion includes:

Jeff, Laura, Miranda and James

Introduction to our Newb – James

First impressions of the new show and perspective from a new viewer

Check out Sword Art Online and Log Horizon to make your own comparisons.

A classic reference from our newb:

Arcade: The Movie

Laura Recommends:  The Lost Room

Episode 1 (Brave New World) and 2 (Odessa) Breakdown:

  • El Vengador and the Holy Smoke
  • Penny For Your Thoughts – Pruitt Taylor Vince
  • We’re Bad Guys – Zach and Itchy Trigger Fingers
  • Noah’s new life (Where’s Mr. Muggles?)
  • How the HECK did Claire die?
  • Tommy, the new Hiro?
  • Katana Girl and Ren
  • Molly’s Importance in Monetizing Evos?


– Contest: Theory of How the Mini Series Will End

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We LOVE Feedback!
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The Katana Girl and Evernow – Cast your vote!

We just finished recording the post premiere podcast (covering “Brave New World” and “Odessa”) and there were very differing opinions on the Katana Girl and her in game story line.

So, in an attempt to see if this was a universal phenomenon please respond to the poll below! You can only choose one answer… choose wisely!

Did you like the Katana Girl video game storyline?

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Also this link breaks down some thoughts on the Evernow game and this storyline…and if you’d like a fairly in depth recap of the premiere check this out.