Episode 11 – Heroes Rewind – Season 1 – The Company Man



This week, Miranda, James, Laura, and Jeff ask Hiro to send us back to February, 2006 so we can discuss NBC’s Heroes – Season 1, Chapter 17, The Company Man.


This was an interesting episode as it was more centered on a few of the “Heroes” instead of all of them. In fact, was the first episode that Masi Oka isn’t in, although his character is.

Ted Sprague is NOT Eric Christian Olson or the Neanderthal Man from the old insurance commercials.

Ted_Sprague   Eric_Christian_Olsen geico-caveman-waveman-boat-commercial

We all seem to agree that watching the original run episodes has made us want to watch them all again.  They seem to do what the new series hasn’t yet, which is make us WANT to watch the next episode.

The Doctor Who Connection:  Christopher Eccleston and Eric Roberts have both been in some type of Doctor Who incarnation.

Christopher-Eccleston-Doctor-Who-Season-1-Tardis the-master-eric-roberts

Christopher Eccelston was the 9th Doctor for the 2005 reboot, and Eric Roberts was in the 1996 “movie“.

James liked “The Little Haitian” and we were surprised by how many times the Half Helix kept showing up.

Candice Taylor

Jeff is alone (as usual) in thinking that Missy Peregryme’s character, Candice, looked like Erica’s Daughter, Taylor.

But that’s not as bad as Miranda forgetting that George Takei was Hiro’s dad!!!  Hiro_and_Tekei

And thanks go to Laura for letting us in on this little Easter Egg.ncc1701

Our final thoughts on “Company Man”:  Laura was a bit disappointed since it wasn’t a full cast episode. James thought it was 90% better than what we’ve been watching on Thursdays. Jeff and Miranda really enjoyed it, in fact so much that they both wanted to immediately watch the next Heroes episode “Parasite” to find out what happens, and maybe even the first full season.

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