Episode 16 – Company Woman



This week, Miranda, James, Laura, and Jeff discuss NBC’s Heroes Reborn – Chapter 12 – Company Woman

We got the news this week that this would be the only season of Heroes Reborn.  Even though we were told it was a one off mini-series from the beginning, we had hoped that if it pulled in good ratings, they’d renew it.

We get the H.E.L.E. explanation, but too little, too late in Jeff’s Opinion.  (Which can be said for most of the series)

Will Matt meet his maker in the river?

Ren holds the key to level 10.

Emily seems like a totally wasted character, that has zero regard for her parents well being!

Ashes to ashes, Joanne is DUST!  We all LOVED how Luke took care of his wifey!

A fire/trash tornado blows through Union Well H.S. gymnasium.

Phoebe escapes and Quentin turns, again.  Laura is hoping for the return of QRG!

We have 2 voicemails this week, one from Lucy and Parker in Indiana (unfortunately it gets cut short), and another from Susan in Wisconsin (apparently a big fan of James, aka Ray), which also gets cut short. The link requested is Critical Role.  WashSpears

We also get an email from one of our winners, AlienJL, who is also a James fan. Everybody Loves James.

Company Man was a better episode than Company Woman.

Erica’s backstory was interesting and much needed info, but a rape story seemed like an easy way out. It had so much potential but didn’t deliver.

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