Episode 2 – Brave New World/Odessa



This week’s discussion includes:

Jeff, Laura, Miranda and James

Introduction to our Newb – James

First impressions of the new show and perspective from a new viewer

Check out Sword Art Online and Log Horizon to make your own comparisons.

A classic reference from our newb:

Arcade: The Movie

Laura Recommends:  The Lost Room

Episode 1 (Brave New World) and 2 (Odessa) Breakdown:

  • El Vengador and the Holy Smoke
  • Penny For Your Thoughts – Pruitt Taylor Vince
  • We’re Bad Guys – Zach and Itchy Trigger Fingers
  • Noah’s new life (Where’s Mr. Muggles?)
  • How the HECK did Claire die?
  • Tommy, the new Hiro?
  • Katana Girl and Ren
  • Molly’s Importance in Monetizing Evos?


– Contest: Theory of How the Mini Series Will End

Possible Prizes:   Posible Prizes

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