Episode 1 – Heroescast REBORN!



Hellos – Introduction
Discussion of the Webisodes called Dark Matters

Discussion on New Series.

How we feel about the influx of miniseries reboots being made (24, Twin Peaks, Full(er) House, X-Files, etc…)

New Characters (ZACHARY LEVI, YES PLEASE) – Geeks Who Drink

Will it have the same draw as the original?
Will new people be able to watch or are they going to be lost?

How has Netflix and Amazon Prime changed how well this show will succeed?

Mid-Episode Bumper: Leftover Voicemails from the Original Heroescast

Carl from Hawaii
Pizza Order FTW!

Returning Heroes
Who are we missing? (UH DUH SYLAR OF COURSE!)


New Powers? or Same ol’ song and dance.

Speculation for end of the season contest.

Easter egg: Grunny Beat Boxes for Miranda.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Heroescast REBORN!

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  2. Can’t wait for this. I may download the episodes then listen to them later. I just started season one the past week and am nearly done, Three shows to go. But then I want to watch all four seasons. I know some say it went downhill after season 2 but do you think not watching them would cause the reboot to be a bit confusing?

  3. Enjoy all tonight’s premier episode of Heroes Reborn! I will be watching it myself on iTunes in 2-3 weeks depending on how soon I am able to complete Season 4. I have decided to go that route. First I am going to be completing season 2 tonight, I thought it was epic and have enjoyed every episode. I know many have maligned everything after season 1 but so far I don’t hold to that opinion. I personally feel I should complete all 4 then start with the webisodes for Heroes Reborn. By then I should have 2-3 new shows I can watch all on the same night. This will get me all caught up. Won’t take me long to catch up on the podcasts at that point. Shiny!

    • Oops I guess I wasn’t paying attention. The premier for Heroes Reborn was last Thursday. Well now I can watch 4-5 episodes all at once to catch up. That’s ok when I started for the first time with Season 1 for Heroes I couldn’t stop. Kept going with 7-8 shows that night.

  4. I can now listen to the first two podcasts after watching all 4 seasons. I loved every season. The whole story was epic and true, this story is really about the mess we are in as humans. Heroes and now Heroes Reborn is one whole story that is epic, dark, complex at times. but so true to our spiraling out of control world. I understand that Heroes came about because the creator Tim Kring saw this and wanted to make a show about heroes saving us from the dark path we are on. Tomorrow night I will watch both new episodes and be fully caught up. I look forward to listening to the pod casts!

  5. I left a voice mail for you as requested. I do apologize that I fumbled a bit with my words. I still have a kind of mental block when leaving anything but a one liner on voice mail. As I stated I am done with episode 4 now waiting for episode 5. In some ways I am going through withdrawals after becoming addicted to “binge” viewing. It’s hard to have to wait until the next week. At least I have no commercials since I got the season pass for Heroes Reborn from iTunes. I just wait until the following night to watch it. Also it is preview free. I agree with the statement that previews lie. They also confuse, and I don’t want to know what’s coming next week. I didn’t have time to go into what I thought of Katana Girl. First I love that surprise. I tend to just go with the flow of the show unless it seems lacking in some ways and I didn’t find it lacking at all. The graphics were fine for me, and I play some of the best games both MMOs and Single Player with top graphics, it didn’t bother me at all. I feel the actual game part was just a short part of what was to come for her and really didn’t need awesome graphics. Even though you really don’t get to know her at all, her expressions to me told a lot and by the fourth episode I have begun to see how she fits in. On Molly I noticed you didn’t really talk about the shocking end to her life in episode 4.
    All that she went through as a child and here she ends up taking her own life. I do think the speaks to why there is a possibility that her father may have killed her, probably Clair begged him to, I don’t think anyone would want to be trapped in a coma forever.
    It is too bad so many dislike Heroes Reborn, but given where our culture is headed it doesn’t surprise me at all. Heroes and Heroes Reborn thinks outside of the box quite a bit. I am surprised it did as well as it did from Heroes on. So many want quick stimulation all the time and don’t want to have to use both mental energy and patience to take in the story as it unfolds. Some seem to want the story to go how they want it to go, but it isn’t their story. Someday there will be no artists of any stripe who dare to take us down such a winding path. I do hope Heroes Reborn completes it’s 13 episodes. I am very excited to see where it will take us.

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