Episode 1 – Heroescast REBORN!



Hellos – Introduction
Discussion of the Webisodes called Dark Matters

Discussion on New Series.

How we feel about the influx of miniseries reboots being made (24, Twin Peaks, Full(er) House, X-Files, etc…)

New Characters (ZACHARY LEVI, YES PLEASE) – Geeks Who Drink

Will it have the same draw as the original?
Will new people be able to watch or are they going to be lost?

How has Netflix and Amazon Prime changed how well this show will succeed?

Mid-Episode Bumper: Leftover Voicemails from the Original Heroescast

Carl from Hawaii
Pizza Order FTW!

Returning Heroes
Who are we missing? (UH DUH SYLAR OF COURSE!)


New Powers? or Same ol’ song and dance.

Speculation for end of the season contest.

Easter egg: Grunny Beat Boxes for Miranda.

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